Focus On Support, Rather Than Comfort

Focus On Support, Rather Than Comfort

Topaz ? 3 years ago

I’ve been to more #Memorial Services than I wish to count. Serving in the #FRG (Family Readiness Group) shed a light on many intricacies that you don’t realize. Intricacies like how to support your friends that endure tragedy, and serving, supporting and loving them through some of the hardest days in their lives.

All too often, we don’t know the right things to say. We want to comfort our friends, to take care of them, but we aren’t sure how. It’s okay. Your friend won’t know what to do or say either. And truthfully, there is nothing you CAN do or say that will alleviate their pain. There’s no need to try to put that kind of pressure on yourself- to comfort her. You cannot, because what they want most is their soldier back, unhurt…breathing….loving, talking and laughing. You cannot give them that, but you can support them- the entire family. What more honorable way to support your friend, to stand with them and serve them during a tragedy?

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