Ford, America's Industrialist Grandfather

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Henry Ford is best known for pioneering the assembly-line method of mass production, specifically in the Automotive field. He is seen as one of the luminaries of modern manufacturing, and was responsible for many business ventures, with the Ford motor company primary among them.

Ford was born in 1863, but the company he founded remains a major player in both the American and world markets to this very day. It continues to use new iterations of a logo developed based on script written in Ford's own hand.

Most modern consumers are familiar with the sleek, highly contoured cars that the company produces today. Like other brands, Ford now incorporates sinuous lines and sleek aerodynamics into its vehicles.

This type of detailing has become increasingly easy for manufacturers as robots have taken over more and more of the production process. Many people forget that Ford's first cars we based on mechanical simplicity and boxy functionality, as this was the easiest assembly process for unskilled, interchangeable workers.

Ford's factories employed many hundreds of people, most of whom were tasked with doing one simple assembly task over and over again for hours on end, and then passing their assembled piece on to the next worker.

This process continued until a bunch of disparate parts has been assembled into a full car.

These cars were then tested on Ford's lot, before being driven out the front gate to waiting trains which would take them to their final destinations.

Although most people associate the Ford dynasty primarily with the automotive industry, it has also held a position in the sphere of media and entertainment as well. Henry Ford believed that motion pictures were of primary importance in the future of both learning and advertising, and so he founded the Ford Motion Picture division in 1914. It produced a number films including The Great Train Robbery  and family feature A Merry Christmas To All (see below) which would both eventually be donated to the National Archives.

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