Fort Benning, GA has changed tremendously, for the better!

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Fort Benning has had it’s fair share of trash talking…but guess what? It ain’t your Daddy’s Army Post!

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According to Riley (an Active Duty Officer AND Blogger extraordinaire!), Fort Benning and it’s neighboring town of Columbus, GA is ACTUALLY the land of opportunity for any military servicemember.

Most people have a negative association of Fort Benning based on the time spent there during Basic Training and/or AIT (Advanced Individual Training)… or their veteran family member who was there quite a while ago.

Fort Benning is the premiere training installation and because of that, it draws many dignitaries from Generals to Congress members. The perk in that is that often you get details of changes and new rollouts directly from the source- rather than the grapevine.

It also has great relationships with many universities, so education opportunities abound in Fort Benning- a huge plus for military spouses.

But let’s be honest here- the FAMILY is more concerned with what’s off post, right? Columbus, GA has gotten a complete makeover in the last 5 years! Uptown (which is actually downtown) is now lively and filled with great businesses and things to do.

Be sure to follow Right an Up’s Instagram for constant sneak peek’s at everything amazing at Fort Benning (including lots of food!) and all things Columbus, GA.

As a military spouse myself, one of the first things I do when we get orders is to ask friends who they know in that area.  Social Media allows us to easily connect, and those connections is one of the best ways to alleviate the transition.

Another great find on Facebook for Fort Benning was this page: Fort Benning Area Guide.

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