Free Dessert Anyone?

As part of our New Year's resolutions, Andrew and I decided that we were not going to eat sugar for as long as possible. Our target was a month, but it looks like Andrew is determined to extend that target indefinitely, and I am begrudgingly following along. Upon making this decision, I have felt like we have been bombarded with sugar temptations left and right, and it has almost been too much to bear.

Immediately following New Year's Day, I was staying at my parents house along with my sister. Inevitably when my sister is around, you can count on delicious sweets being made and offered unceasingly. First she made homemade Texas sheet cake, one of my favorites, and I had to avoid that cake like the plague for almost a week until it was finally finished off. Next came the homemade mini cheesecakes, another favorite, and again those took a few days for the rest of the family to enjoy. The only thing that got me through it was the thought of making my own Texas sheet cake and mini cheesecakes in a month. The only thing!

After returning from Provo after the holidays and leaving my sister's delicious recipes behind, I thought things would get a lot easier, but I was wrong. Andrew and I were then presented with the free gourmet dessert at the Tree Room, one of the nicest restaurants I have ever been to and probably will ever go to. I felt completely destroyed inside having to turn down creme anglaise or citrus cake covered in sorbet. I thought things could not get any worse, but my sugar travails were just beginning.

30Would you like to sample our strawberry milkshake today? We made an extra one.31Yes

The entire drive home I begged Andrew to get rid of it. I offered to pull over on the side of the street so he could hand it to a few school boys passing by until he explained to me how creepy that would seem. Knowing that I could not let such a delicious item go to waste, I swore to Andrew I would drink it if we didn't not find someone to give it to in the next five minutes.

Luckily, Andrew's roommate, Matt, was home when we arrived at Andrew house. I hurriedly handed him the milkshake before I did something I would regret. Eating my sandwich while watching Matt slurp down my free milkshake was the pinnacle of my no-sugar-eating achievements, and I knew at that point I could not be easily defeated in the future.

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