Ft Bliss, TX is the Army's Hidden Gem

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Fort Bliss, TX neighbors El Paso, TX and you can practically see Mexico from your backyard. Because of it's proximity to our Southern Border, the area is full of culture and undiscovered treasure. The proximity to Mexico might also be why Ft Bliss gets a bit of a bad rap- there's quite a bit to explore, see and do in the area (without going venturing into another country!)

Sarah, an Army spouse and blogger at My Life, Army Style said this about the area:

36Ft. Bliss is definitely an Army post that has gotten a pretty bad rap over the years. I got quite a few “Ugh

On Post:

From the new shopping plaza, Freedom Crossing to restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings and Texas Roadhouse and a Sushi bar (say WHAT?!), Fort Bliss seems to have quite a bit to offer on base.


The housing looks so cute! One story homes and no lawn to mow. I think I could get used to that!

That view though.

Shout out to this article that has some great links for On-Post services, like Housing & MWR:

Off Post:

What's available off post is usually what makes or breaks whether a military family enjoys living at a particular duty station
. According to Riley, creator of RightAndUp.com, Fort Bliss is JAM PACKED with amazing places to explore (and eat!). In fact, she says Fort Bliss is the Army's Hidden Gem.

Psst: My favorite tip is #2. Best bedtime story ever!

Of course, one of the things we want to do when PCSing (once you've settled in) is to explore the areas around your new home. Once again, Riley hooked us up with 6 quick Day Trips for the Fort Bliss area.

A good friend of mine just moved to Fort Bliss, and I have to tell you- I've enjoyed seeing their family discover new things in El Paso! They're living on post and she's loving it. They haven't been there long but so far they've been:

Hiking at Mount Cristo Rey in Sunland, NM Authentic Old West + Paranormal Activity show at Concordia Cemetery Roswell, NM Bowling Free concerts (on post) Laser Tag in the Park (on post) El, Paso Zoo

And they just got there! So don't tell me there's nothing to do in Fort Bliss, TX! It sounds downright... blissful. (You like what I did there?)

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