Future of Women's Tennis

Future of Women's Tennis

Topaz ? 3 years ago

It's called,16Never Say F#@king Die!17. Be sure to keep an eye out for it. You might have missed the prime example that was on display today at #RolandGarros. And I'm pretty sure you don't want to miss #Agnieszka #Radwanska on court this season. 

Hmm, or you can watch a bitty replay of just one point.

If that got you excited enough to believe there's life after or even right next to our #favorite, the #defending #champion and #WorldNumberOne, #SerenaWilliams, and in the absence of #MariaSharapova in the line-up, it's important to realize that there are many other fantastic players to watch.

Today's match against #BarboraStrycova, was an unusual treat for the crowd because both women were playing full-out, and making incredible shots. And taking it to the dirt -- literally. Multiple times. It's rare for players to fall, and rarer still for players to willingly go to the ground, but when both #players are #superb #athletes, they know they have the ability to do it safely and recover. #Serena does the splits on court regularly, as did former tennis #pro, #KimClijsters. 

In this outrageous point, both players went down, and did the splits.  Sometimes, it's just too much, being a #fan of the sport.

Here's a series of highlights from the match, if that one point just wasn't enough.

Now, these are some of positions the players were forced to put themselves in, and the #expressions they made in their #determination to #win each point. It's utterly #fantastic, and all I can say, it more, more, more. It's #gritty, and totally real. 

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