Game of Thrones: Where were we?

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It’s that time of the year again, Game of Thrones’ new season premiere is getting closer and closer. So as a hardcore reader of the series and watcher (on the wall? No.) of the show, I wanted to remind firstly myself, then to you, what the hell has happened until now. I will start from the far north to south. Let’s see:

Beyond the Wall, we have Bran with the Children of Forest and the Three-eyed Raven, aka the tree dude. He will learn to fly there and I expect his plot will be really exciting. A bit to the south, at the Wall, we have Jon Snow lying dead in the snows while everybody hoping Melisandre to bring him back. Personally, I think she will, but because every single person in the world waiting for this to happen, I deeply hope that she won’t. Stay dead you bastard.


Now Winterfell. We left there with Stannis dead in the woods and Sansa fleeing to the woods with Theon the Betrayer. We have no idea what’s going to happen. Then my favorite house, the ones who play the game of thrones by its rules, Boltons waiting in the cold castle, ruling the North, killing people.


Then I want to ride the fastest horse in all Seven Kingdoms to the south. I’ll make a quick stop at King’s Landing. We have the Faith, shaming Cersei to the bones and slowly gaining traction with stupid little Tommen on the throne. We may expect a move from Cersei but I think (and hope) she will be defeated.


Across the Narrow Sea, we have our own daughter Arya, blind, tested, hopeless, nameless. I think her story is going to be the second after Bran’s in terms of excitement. I’m really looking forward to it.


And finally, we have our queen, our Khaleesi, our mother of dragons Tyrion Lannister with a dumb blonde by his side. I’ve never liked Daenerys, she was always a dumb child with no place in this brutal game. Tyrion will have a huge impact on her I think, but she first needs to flee from that Dothraki savages. We will see.

To date, because I read all the books more than once, I knew what was going to happen and I had the right to curse to the producers about differences on the show. Now I have no clue and this is going to be the most exciting season. It’s only 30 days away. 


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