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Global Underground

Topaz ? 3 years ago

From 1997 to 2008, Nick Warren did an unprecedented eight albums for  Global Underground (aka GU) which was established in London in 1996.

26City Series27

GU 003 Live in #Prague - Nick Warren, 1997

GU 008: #Brazil - Nick Warren, 1998

GU 011 (US GU005 )#Budapest - Nick Warren, 1999 

GU 018: #Amsterdam - Nick Warren, 2000

GU 024: Nick Warren, Reykjavik, 2003:

124ambient and experimental sounds125trip hop style beats126atmospheric grooves127

I like this track from CD 1, #06. Yunx - Thinking About Your Next Move 

The second CD is much closer to the usual progressive house tracks GU is known for. The album reached #25 on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart.

GU 028: Nick Warren, #Shanghai, 2005

Ibiza magazine's Ibiza Voice writes about Nick's decision to do another GU album after stating that Reykjavik was his last in the GU series.

GU 028: Nick Warren, #Paris, 2007 

This is Nick Warren's seventh Global Underground volume with a mix inspired by an October date at Mix Club in Paris. The album reached #20 on the Billboard Top Electronic Albums. 

Disc One:


226Strange Parallels227




263Being Around You264

271Love Movement (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)272

279Roll Your Own280

287Living in a288

295Lonely Planet296


Beautiful #soothing and calming music for my soul. Nick Warren knows this music like the back of his hand. 

Disc Two:

330I Miss331

338Sweep (Mikkel Metal Vox Reshape)339

346Cosmopolitan Drink347

354Head Down355

362Buenos Aires/Bokoto 10PM363


This 18 Bit Lolitas 'proggy' and high-energy Neptune dance tune was in my running playlist for some time. 

390Non Verbal Language391

398One Thing399

406Five Five Zero407

414One Morning by the Riverside415

422I423s podcast 424 in 2007 shortly before this double CD release by Nick Warren. #eelkekleijn425type426p427contents428type429text430contents431GU 035: Nick Warren

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