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Golden Goddess Healing is my energy healing business.

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Enjoy the weekend! ?'Radhaa?

Enjoy the weekend! ?'Radhaa?

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What is Theta Healing?

Theta is the practice of uncovering the unconscious belief systems that hold you back, and replacing them with beliefs that align with your highest good.

Why try Theta Healing?

Because your mind works like a computer, you’re constantly storing the experiences from your life in your body and in your mind. Most of this data goes into your subconscious mind, which makes up 88% of your brain. Almost everyone on earth has massive amounts of data embedded their subconscious. This subconscious data influences everything you do- often times in ways that are not in your highest good.

How does this affect us?

Your subconscious mind is constantly replaying this stored data which consists of thoughts, beliefs, upsets, shock, traumas and fears. All of this is done in the background of your mind. The theme of these thoughts can be very simple, such as my favor color is Green. In this case, every time you see green, you respond favorably. In other cases, the background theme can be much more damaging, such as “I don’t deserve ____”. In this case, anytime someone tries to give you ____, you would subconsciously be resisting it. Traditionally, beliefs like this can be very hard to identify and can take you years of therapy to clear.

Why is it so hard to change our subconscious beliefs?

Your brain is constantly making assumptions about the world, and about yourself. It does this because it’s more efficient to make a decision and stick with it, than it is to constantly reconfirm something as “absolutely true”. These assumptions ‘take root’ in your subconscious brain, and live in the shadows of your mind. Because they’re invisible to your conscious mind, it can be VERY difficult to break free from addictions and habits.

How does Theta Healing clear subconscious belief systems?

Theta Healing is a system of positively identifying subconscious beliefs. A well trained healer will ask your body using tools such as muscle testing to inquire into your subconscious mind through a series of powerful and targeted question.

Once the subconscious belief that drives the undesirable behavior or feeling has been identified, it can be replaced with new beliefs that serve your highest good. During this process you will experience a “Theta brain-wave” state of consciousness where you will feel relaxed & connected to your higher self.

How quickly does Theta Healing work?

Immediately! You will see and feel a difference right after an Theta Healing session. There is no time delay in Theta Healing, once a belief is removed, or a psychic hook is undone, it’s gone. The brain no longer has to play the mental movie- it is literally replaced with a belief that speaks to your highest good.

Will I be fixed in one session?

It may certainly feel that way- after releasing an unconscious belief that ruled your life for years, your entire view of the world and yourself will instantly transform. For some people, peeling one layer of the onion is all the transformation they’re seeking. For others, each session can remove a new belief, freeing you to experience the world as a reflection of your highest self. As you’ll soon see- the results are instant & miraculous.

A Theta Healing session is non-evasive and can be performed over the phone through distance healing.

ThetaHealing - Theta Healing - Vianna Stibal

ThetaHealing is a technique designed by Vianna Stibal that teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual work.

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