Gumby, aka The Dawg, Alexandr Dogopolov

He's artistic, flexible like a gymnast, and I'm always expecting his body to suddenly stretch like Gumby...or Stretch Armstrong. 

He serves like a whip in motion and can smile just as quickly as he can grimace over a misplaced shot. He's an expressive player and he shares it all with the viewer.

He's been as high as the top 15 in the #ATP, and I expect more good news for him in the years to come. He's had his own #health struggles yet he perseveres.

He had a win over #Nadal at the grass warmup in #Queens and recently make #Djokovic work hard to beat him at the #Miami Open. 

He and Sam #Querrey had a good semifinal match today in #Nottingham so his prep work for the Big One appears to be complete. Go Gumby!‪

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