Have your plate and eat it too?

Topaz ?
Author Topaz ?

A year's supply of 'leaves' plates to eat from anyone? Ok granting they're not really edible, the good thing is they biodegrade in 28 days! I find this uber cool!

Munich-based start-up Leaf Republic's commitment to sustainability and innovation led up to the fruition of this project - biodegradable and vegan tableware made out of 100% real leaves! They received funding by backers from the US, Canada and Europe through Kickstarter and are now offering these plates. Check our Leaf Republic's website for more info.

The company continues with their approach to finding  viable solution to plastic-waste management, raise awareness for sustainable packaging and to shift dependency away from oil-based plastics.

“We want to protect our environment and use its limited resources in a different way”, they explain. Their answer? A biodegradable set of plates which are made from what some would consider the ultimate renewable source: leaves.

Photo: Leaf Republic

It's a no-brainer!

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