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I prebooked a sea view room directly through the hotel via email and of course I had hoped to get it when I arrived 2 months later. Upon arrival though, none was available. Disappointment. I finally got one after lobbying for my sea view room incessantly with the #hotel personnel. I loved the room and ended up booking an additional night. Pool area is great. Food in quality and choices is way better than the other #hotels we've stayed in along the #Turkish #coast but the entree dishes themselves tends to be on the oily side. Breakfast is good with many healthy choices. #Beach and #beachclub is exclusive to guests. Good spa and fitness center. Overall, a wonderul 5-night stay. The surrounding area also offer many evening activities. The only drawback is the waterpark nearby which blares loud #music and can be distracting to us while we lounge in the #pool area. It should have been built further away.

Unique Qualities: It is supposedly the #hippest hotel in that area of #Turkey at the time (2004) but personally, I didn't find much to rave about at Hillside Su (except the sea and mountain views) although they have a good location and the facilities are well-maintained. I especially liked the bed on the balcony. The hanging disco balls in the lobby/lounge area and the all-white couches are nice touches but it's sort of 'Miami' and has been done before. The white slipcovers on everything does lend a pristine quality to the place.

The mirrored ceiling reflecting us back in #Antalya.

Touring #Termessos. How high up is this?

I could have stayed here until sunset but we had to be on schedule so we hiked down after 2.5 hours in Termessos. F and I had such fun exploring this and many sites of Turkey. It was awesome to 'discover' these important #ancient sites with someone who's also seeing them for the first time. We were just in awe of everything and each other!

#Hellenistic #theater with the mountain backdrop

Termessos is the ancient city of the warlike Pisidians, a race that populated the #mountains north of Pamphylia. They called themselves the Solymi, after Mt. Solymus what the #Turks call now Gulluk Dag. What an awesome, wild place more than 1000 meters above sea level! Its #beauty and serenity is unbelievable. It does take patience and determination to hike the entire place since visible signs aren't well placed. But it you love ancient ruins, this won't disappont esp. when you reach the Hellenistic theater (according to the Blue Guide). I stood there, my breath taken away by what remains today. The Psidians would be wealthy today had their race survived. Location, location, location. Its location high up among the clouds makes it jaw-dropping and priceless.

The view's great from up here but I really have to go down now...I mean NOW! I managed to climb up there by myself but actually needed help going down. I didn't want to miss a step (some stones have eroded over hundreds of years and some been toppled) and hurt myself in the process so I had to be rescued again by my gallant companion.

I almost picked this up but it weighed a ton! 

What does it say?

127 take me home if you can lift me128

Could it be Greek? But the Psidians are not Greek...

There was no one there but a lone museum staff at the foot of the pathway but he didn't speak a word of English.

Three niches for offerings at a monumental tomb

It is believed that a dignitary (and maybe two others who wanted to be buried near him) was buried in this #tomb and these niches were for offerings to the #dead.

#Ruins along the path, another one I can't carry...

It felt like I was trampling on #history...at least #AlexandertheGreat didn't step on this very path. He diverted his vast army and stayed in the lowlands. Lucky Psidians.

The path from the hotel to the pool/beach.

Lunch at the pool.

The beds in the grassy area by the pool.

246common #clubby247

Dress Code: tight jeans, tight top and you are in for guys, jeans with a good fitting Euro hip shirt with collar and sleeves may just get you in esp. if you are with hot girls.

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