Topaz ? 3 years ago

When you think of STYLE it doesn't always mean what type of clothes you wear.  Just as much as you can tell a lot about a person by their taste in clothing, finding out their home decor style is probably even a better glimpse into who they are.

Unless they're raising toddlers.  Because my home doesn't TOTALLY match my style right now, because a 3 year old is wreaking havoc on my furniture.  But I digress.If someone says these 2 magical words to me I know that we are kindred spirits and could spend lots of time together.  Those 2 words? Joanna & Gaines.  Or even Fixer & Upper.  Either works.  I swoon at the idea of repurposing things and piddling through Antique stores and looking for off the cuff home decor.  Not that I'm crafty or talented enough to pull any of it off...but in my head I might be able to one day and that's a start.

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