How black does Colin Kaepernick have to be for his voice to count... Or not?

The question itself should point out the ridiculousness of the problem.

Ok, so his refusal to stand during the National Anthem is causing controversy. He says he cannot stand and honor a flag of a country that continues to repress blacks. Let's rewind a bit to over forty years ago when these athletes faced trouble for their Black Power salute during the Olympics:

They wore pins, raised their fists, and looked down while the Star Spangled Banner played. But they stood. And you know what? They were kicked out of the Olympic village, kicked off the US team, and received death threats. Has much changed in 40 years?

Colin Kaepernick just sits during the playing of the anthem. Yet his action (or inaction) has led to fury. Most surprisingly, bringing up just how 'black' he is. A nice way to gaslight the real issue, in my opinion. As if he is only allowed to protest if he has more black than white ancestry. Commentators like Fox Sports’ Clay Travis saying:

72Kaepernick was raised by two white parents after his own birth parents weren’t willing or able to raise him themselves.73

What relevance does this information have to the central issue? If Kaepernick was raised by two birth parents that were black, would that then make people take his message seriously?

What a really crappy way to try and shut down an argument, sadly, not so uncommon in the US. Whether the question or criticism comes from within or outside of the African-American community does not matter. The fact that a person's voice is attempted to be shut down by arguing that the person doesn't fit the racial profile enough to protest is ludicrous. But sadly very common. The Kaepernick controversy is bringing up more than just the right to protest during the playing of the National anthem. To my knowledge, I have primarily Northern European ancestry. Does that mean I am not allowed to speak up about injustices being perpetrated against African Anericans? Native Americans? Other minorities? Are we not all Americans? I challenge this way of thinking. If I see someone treated badly based on your race or ethnicity, I will speak out, even if I am not the same race or ethnicity. Why? Because we are all human. How did Kaepernick react to the questions on his race? By showing up to the next game with a full-on Afro.

He had to do that to show people he was black enough to protest... That makes me sad.

Stop bringing how black he is or isn't into the equation. That just illustrates how far we have NOT come in the decades since the Civil Rights movement. And why protests like Colin's continue to be necessary.

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