How It's Played

How It's Played

Topaz ? 3 years ago

While it's easy for me to get lost in the otherworldly vistas (and the makers at Hello Games hope I do), there's also an objective: 

A player must build up resources, developer power and get to the center of the universe.

If I only focus on getting to the center of the universe, supposedly I can do so in about 50 hours of playing time. I'll need to get weapons and resources by meeting, talking and trading with alien beings. Some alien creatures are peaceful and helpful; others are cantankerous and vengeful. Learning alien languages and being smart improves my chances to get to the center of the universe.

Murray hopes the June release is just the beginning and that future iterations of the NoMansSky will bring new weapons, as well as new ways to play the game. In the initial version of the game, players won't see each other, but each person's presence will leave traces behind for other users to find.

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