How Serious Are We About Real Estate?

Pierre Koenig Case Study House #22, Hollywood Hills,  CA, 1960 | Photo by: Julia Schulman 

When it’s time to get serious about selling a Los Angeles home, Beverly Hills based Stern Realty, has the best team in the realty business. They are the experts when it comes to guiding a seller successfully through every step of the real estate process, guaranteeing that their home gets sold for the maximum possible profit.

Why should you have confidence that this boast will be backed up with results? Founder and CEO of the company Harvey Stern, has over twenty years of experience on the job. And not just as a real estate broker. He’s also a real estate attorney, and a home builder/developer who has rehabbed hundreds of investment properties. And, he’s assembled a team, with similarly impressive credentials. That results in office full of folks with market expertise and sales savvy.

Why is this so important? When a home goes on the market, you can be sure of two things: First - and, unfortunately, it happens all the time – the wrong marketing strategy will dramatically reduce the amount of money that ends up in the seller’s pocket at closing. For this reason, you don’t want a cut-rate broker leafing through “Home Selling for Dummies” to come up with a one-size-fits-all strategy. From setting the right list price, to knowing if offering incentives at closing might make sense, with Stern Realty by your side, you’re sure to have the correct strategy that’s tailor made your needs.

Second – and once again, it happens all the time – unforeseen challenges often crop up. It could be that in doing a small touch-up project to enhance the look of your kitchen, you discover a big mold problem. It could be that with your property already under contract, you discover your buyer is unqualified. When challenges arise, you don’t want an inexperienced broker who comes with a solution via a Google search. Whatever the problem, no matter how serious, it won’t be anything that Harvey and his team hasn’t previously dealt with and successfully solved.

Surveys show that if they had to do it again, most home sellers who sold their home on a do-it-yourself basis, would hire a broker. The same surveys reveal a second, even more worrisome statistic; the majority of sellers who do hire a broker, if they had to do it again, would hire a different one. After selling your home, don’t risk looking back with regrets. Hire a broker, and make it a broker with expert market expertise and serious sales savvy. A serious team you can have confidence in. That’s Harvey Stern, and his team at Stern Realty.   

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