How to use Storia if you're a book author

Book author? You're a content creator extraordinaire.

No one knows better than you how many layers and levels of information exist in your universe. How will you bring all that out into the world in a way the rest of us can find it, grasp it, love it, share it?

You've probably got a blog, Twitter, Facebook, IG? You're sharing. Maybe you've been sharing all along, during the writing and editing and publishing process. Now where is it? Where do we go to see it all, how do we follow the threads we're most interested in about you and your book?

Enter Storia. Deep and wide works in Storia! It can contain many doorways into your material.

Storia takes the best of social networking tools and offers a new way to share, collaborate and discover, especially for people and brands with complexity, like you.

Storia is a multimedia format to display and share all your content in a set of discrete or ongoing “stories” with small posts of “moments” strung together in a thread.


Each moment can have an assortment of text, video, images, external links, hashtags, and location tags. Each moment can stand alone like a blog post, with comments and likes. Both moments and stories can be shared to social networks. This is a small container to combine lots of bits and pieces of content scattered around  -- tweets and images, comments and links, videos and Instagram posts, you name it -- that are actually all related.


The main idea of Storia is that a story is an umbrella for an ongoing interest, journey, collection, or it can be a discrete story with beginning middle and end. People with a Storia account (it’s free!) can start as many stories as they want, can invite viewers and collaborators to public or private stories, and can join collaborative stories by other people.


Anything input on the mobile apps or the web will appear on the web and be crawlable by Google, so findable.


A book author like you is a branded personality, and a Storia account acts like a publication brand. You've probably already got material that lends itself to this format, scattered around on your blog and social media outposts, your publisher's blog, interviews, reviews, appearances, maybe even relevant material unpublished in your own notes and correspondence -- material that would help readers get to know you, your writing, your topic, and your book.

If you're launching a book right now, you’re going to have lots more fun news to share. This is a way to create channels all in one place for all that diverse content, thematic buckets to post all the different types of information that are going to come.

Danica Davidson​ and ​Tracy Slater​ are examples of book authors sharing about their book launches, their writing, and their subject matter. Mix and match at will!


One story can be an excerpt of your book

One story can be about your actual book tour and all the things related to it: interviews, reviews, your tweets on the subject matter and your publishing peers, your thoughts on the publishing journey

One story can be about you as writer, all the blogs you've written about the writing life


Moments can give us a taste of the world you write about, captured in other ways: videos of your book's location, for instance. Here's an atmospheric link from YouTube.


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