How to use Storia if you're a musical band

Are you a member of a music band, or their manager? Interested in exploring a new multimedia platform to see what the band, its management, and your fans can do with Storia and how it helps you on journey as professional artists?

Check out the profiles of the examples we're showing you: ​Weslynn​ ​FadedPaperFigures​ ​MKTO

After you've read our story about all the basic fields you have to play with ...

YOUR FIRST STEP IS TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT FOR THE BAND (use an email address rather than tie it to a Facebook account or other social identity)

STORIES in the account can have different focuses:

MEMBERS - this story talks about band members

If you've got a lot of content it might be cool to start a story about each member, so we can get to know them. You can always add special moments/highlights/best and worst pix about that band member over time. Really be indulgent about the photos, something you wouldn’t do at Facebook or Twitter, for instance. All the little things. Can you imagine, the fans who are interested in a particular member would love to subscribe to that story so they don’t miss new moments. And the comments section would be hopping there too.

MUSIC - all albums / eps out and links to where to get them

VIDEOS - any music videos from YouTube etc and concert videos

ARTICLES - any related blogs and stories out there on web

MERCHANDISE - put all the buyables in one story with links to everywhere they can be bought

ADDITIONAL MATERIAL you can choose which story it's for

How about moments of backstage scenes, crowds, sound checks, details about venues, who are the players in the band members’ lives, lyric writing sessions, recording sessions, loading the equipment into the van, roadies, all that. Signing contracts, waiting rooms at record companies, late night breakfasts, instrument repair, all kinds of things.

You could start stories about different aspects of the band’s life, to explore those things more deeply and so new info/pix/videos would easily go into the right place.

LET FANS CONTRIBUTE TO A GROUP STORY ON YOUR ACCOUNT  Solicit and use images from fans. Storia lets you start a group story and allow your fans to join it as co-authors.

See how things can really blow up? Your band's account in Storia could be like a digital/mobile/realtime documentary of the band’s ascent. Hello!


Gather your links: main site, social media outposts like Twitter, IG, Tumblr, FB, etc., all the sites and social accounts of each member. Gather media about band. Dig into any good troves of material about the band at other sites like fan sites. You can post links directly to them, and often they'll display graphically in your moment.

Think about what content exists offline you can add to your Storia stories: lyrics, photos, videos, graphics?


Use the lyrics of the band, and the words of reviewers and fans! Envelope us in your world.♥️

PUT A FRESH TWIST WITH CUSTOM VIDEO OR MATERIAL FOR STORIA like intro videos by each member, just like you record bumper introductions for radio stations when you're playing in a new town.

Rocking out in Storia for bands is mainly a matter of drawing in and curating material that exists out there already about your band. Then you all -- managers, band members, fans -- keep adding to it, in the right place, in real time. And it's all in one place findable on one link: your band's Storia profile. Sweet.

This is would work for a fan account of a band, too. Take a look at ​ImagineDragonsFan​!


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