#Humor -- R’s Art of Looking Busy (Convincingly)

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I had a very sweet and #scatterbrained pal, let's call her R. R was one of those laidback souls who went completely with the flow. I'd always had the feeling that if God were to grant her a wish, it would be too much of a bother for her to think of one. She'd instead ask him to give her whatever he saw fit. And if God were a mischievous being and suggested spending a day as a woman with a pub-hopping urge in a desert, I suspect she'd agree sagely to that too.

But R's most noteworthy peculiarity was that she'd do as little work as possible in office. And yet, when the girl would walk around, she'd make sure she had a harassed look (smart defense against more work). She'd fling one hand over her eye and drag it slowly down her face in a gesture that signified a poor, overworked soul, wiping her tired face. This sight always cheered me up. Here was someone who had perfected the art of beating the system. Sometimes, she would show her versatility and talk very softly, like she were dying of exhaustion.

After observing her in awed appreciation several times, I decided to try this myself. But I soon realized it takes practice and genius to perfect an art like hers…Coz when I wiped my face in slow motion, my boss thought I had gathered grime from a lack of bathing...and when I spoke softly (thinking it would shame even the most heart-broken #Greektragedian), my boss got irritated and said I was mumbling like a dimwit!


When you have more than one assignment on hand, announce it to everyone and anything (yes, even to the flowerpot next to your #PC. That way, people pity you and let you off the hook). And wear baggy clothes. It makes people think you've lost weight from all that working. If this helps, bless R, giver of light and wisdom!

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