If 'Black Mirror' was an art exhibit, this would be it ?

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You're living in the Glass Room right now, as you scan this post.

It's the rare installation that exists at all times, in all places. If you're online in any way, you're already living inside it.


It's an installation in NYC that uses interactive, beautiful, and chilling exhibits to show you how every online interaction you have reveals valuable information about you. When taken as a whole, interested parties from corporate advertisers to hackers to law enforcement can assemble frighteningly complete pictures of who you are and how you think--all from data that you make publicly available every single day.

It's curated by Mozilla and the Tactical Technology Collective, in a beautiful and arresting effort to raise public awareness of how much of our privacy (or what we thought was our privacy) we willingly sign away on a daily basis, and what we can do to stop it.

Looking into your online life #glassroom

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To learn more, read this piece:

Then visit the official website. Even if you can't make it to NYC, you can see and learn a LOT here, including the best actions to take to protect yourself online.

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