In Defense of the Great Gorilla Harambe

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I think we were all distressed to learn a 17 year old #captive #Gorilla named #Harambe was shot and killed in his own enclosure after a small child make his way inside. 

The information was hard to take in, and the initial video released by the media was edited. It was all too upsetting and confusing.

No one wanted to believe that Harambe would, or wanted to, or was going to hurt the child. After this zookeeper posted her thoughts and opinions on the matter, I felt we should all hear her words of wisdom.

The comments after her post are particularly moving as these are people who are not reacting blindly, but who are measuring anguish for the loss of an animal's life with their relief over the safety of a child -- and they were awaiting Amanda's opinion. As Amanda O'Donoghue explained in her post (click on the picture above and it will take you directly to her post on #Facebook), the child was in immediate danger, and unfortunately there was nothing at that moment that could be done differently. She does a great job addressing all of the potential options, and why time was a serious factor. 

And these are her thanks for everyone who has looked at and shared her words:

The world's foremost #Chimpanzee #expert, #JaneGoodall, expresses her regret for the death of the #Silverback Gorilla and the incident but is supportive of the #CincinnatiZoo.

A leading #primatologist, Frans de Waal, from the #Netherlands originally and now a professor at #EmoryUniversity and Director of the Living Links Center at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center also expressed his  grief over the animal's death. He goes on to explain the consequences of the noise made by everyone contributed to how the situation was handled. He, along with many of the public, did suggest that the parent of the child take some responsibility for the loss of the animal's life.

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