Is Time Travel For Black People?

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According to an article I read recently, it’s not.

On first thought I can’t necessarily say there was a time period in America, that as a Black woman I’d be excited about time travel. I’m not so sure I’d jump at the opportunity to be a slave, or have to live through Jim Crow laws.

But the more I thought about it, I believe that I would want the opportunity. Do I want to experience being a slave? No. I am thankful for my family members that endured slavery on my behalf. One of the life’s lessons for me has been that when we personally experience something, good or bad, we tend to become advocates for either CHANGE (the bad) or ADOPTION of the idea (the good). Often times, we have to experience something for it to become meaningful to us. Personally, I would like the ability to empathize with my ancestors on a deeper level outside of what I see on the History Channel and read . Perhaps if we ALL had that opportunity, no matter race, we’d be more compassionate toward others.

You can find the original article that I read here:

For the first time on television, two new series NBS’s Timeless and Fox’s Making History, are exploring time travel in the black community. Time travel has been a common theme in media for years, but never for our community in television. The only other example I can think of would be Octavia Butler’s , Kindred, which is a book. Having TV shows explore what time travel for our people looks like gives a new depth to an idea that to some have been overdone.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’d be interested in time traveling back to earlier times in America.

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