Isn't she lucky

Anyone who follows professional football knows that Zlatan Ibrahimovich lacks very little when it comes to confidence and swagger. If you've not heard of the name before then perhaps these quotes will paint the picture for you:

While Zlatan has previously joked about not needing to get his wife (see above) Helena Seger a birthday gift, surely he couldn't skimp on a Christmas gift, right? 

73bring it home as a gift to my wife for Christmas.74

That's right, a framed photo of Zlatan celebrating a goal with youngster Jesse Lingard looking on in abject terror, because, why not?

Helena Seger is a very accomplished businesswoman, actor and model from Sweden, her and Zlatan met back in 2002 and have 2 sons together. 

The power couple, out with their sons Max and Vincente.

Zlatan and Helena casually out shopping.

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