It's like reading a chapter and not the entire book

Listening to #music this way is like reading a chapter and not the entire book. 

The music #writer-#artist has spent a significant amount of time crafting a #musical story from start to finish. 

This new #technology basically allows the listener to edit that life's work with a simple touch of a finger. And, in doing so, perhaps losing the #storyline all together.

There was a time when FM #radio was #album-oriented. 

When you could hear the story from start to finish told via the cuts the #DJ lined up for you. 

#Writers like #CaroleKing, #BruceSpringsteen and #BobDylan weaved tales of #love, work and struggle. 

Harder edged bands like #LedZeppelin, #PinkFloyd and #TheWho created #conceptalbums, each song leading to another part of the story. 

Even #Broadway got in on the act, crafting stories like #Godspell and #JesusChristSuperstar that brought #musicals to an entirely new generation.

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