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It's true. This iZombie show is a great crime-detective, romance, feminist kick-ass supernatural comedic little treat every week, but it also makes me damn hungry.  

Go ahead and set your show in the Pacific Northwest, land of the foodie explosion of freshly grown, locally sourced, gourmet cuisine and of course I'm going to get hungry. But for crying out loud, the chick is eating brains! #Zombies #ZombieApocalypse

And she's always preparing her meals like it's a freaking feast. It's getting normal to be snacking along with Liv. Olivia (Liv) is the main character, who had an unfortunate accident and has turned into a zombie. Her whole life turned upside down, and instead of being the bright young ER doctor, she's stuck working in the morgue to be close to her meal supply. Yep, the brains of the folks that pass through the office.

She's got great friends:

Has the occasional meltdown:

Check out how Rose McIver gets all that makeup on to play Liv!

Liv works with this cool dude who is searching for a cure...

And meanwhile, she's helping the police solve crimes because she gets the memories of the dead people whose brains she eats. Yum!

If you haven't had a chance to check out iZombie, now is the time to do it! The third season is right around the corner! Here's a blog that explains in detail.

See?! I'm not the only one in love with this show, and now, it looks like the ravers are pouring in from all over...

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