Jackfish Survival is What MacGyver Would Carry As A Wallet

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This ultra slim #creditcard holder is built to save your life. (When you need it to.)

On regular days, though, it still remains a helpful little #tool in your pocket.

Design for #everyday use, #travel, and work, the slim body is made out of #titanium, and is unscratchable, and nearly #indestructible.

Other than holding cards, the Jackfish can also help you light a fire, screw things on, navigate your bearings, and...write things down with a pen

What the Jackfish carries:

There are also windproof matches and Firesteel for igniting a fire when everything else is wet.

After a successful #Kickstarter campaign, Jackfish is currently in production, but will be available soon within the year. 

According to its founders, Jackfish is tried and tested213We have been carrying jackfish #prototypes for214type215b216contents217type218text219contents220 over a year221type222text223contents224

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