Learning the warrior ethos

Week #11: all recruits quickly learn that the Corps teaches the #warrior ethos - they face the final challenges they must overcome to earn the title of Marine. The week begins with a physical fitness test and a written #exam before the final drill #evaluation. The recruits then face the Crucible, a final 54-hour #fieldevent that tests the recruits on the #knowledge, skills and values they have been taught throughout training. Those who complete the final challenge are awarded their Eagle, Globe and Anchors, symbolizing their #transformation from #recruits to Marines.

Weeks #12-13: The soon to be new Marines are inspected by their commanding #officers. They complete final administrative tasks on the island before their #graduation ceremony. Once they graduate and are given individual Orders on where and when to report and their new #military occupational specialty (MOS) school; this may take more than a year to complete as a resident. The new #Marines get 10 days of leave before reporting to MOS #school so may return home for a short while.

No one leaves Parris Island who has not been affected to the core of their being without carrying those #memories of your DIs and fellow #recruits – this is why #Marines proudly sound off with a motivation and an overly enthusiastic, “OOOOOh RRRaaahh!”

#militarylife​ John Ingram, a former Marine, is retired from the Army. He is located in Maryland and is currently a freelance writer. 


How does this compare to your experience at Parris Island?

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