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Soft and supple #leather, sometimes #textured or married with #sterlingsilver or #nickel hardware or even #lace for that #rockstar #style. I have an affinity for #vintage leather for its aged #patina and soft #tobacco smell that sometimes reminds me of my dear Dad. I also believe it's because in those days were the 'innocent' days before I became aware of where leather really comes from and how it's such a ginormous industry that affects so many people's lives and livelihood. Now I'm torn about #clothing and #fashion in general as I strive to be an #ethicalconsumer. It's tougher to be one these days when I am aware of animal rights, abhorrent and wasteful practices of many of the players in the fashion industry in general and their leaders who have the power to make significant changes but fail to act. 

Still I can't help but admire the work of many fashion designers who produce beautiful clothes and accessories with finest craftsmanship that somehow make their way into my aesthetic and sometimes into my closet. 

This belted Balmain skirt is a favorite. #feminine yet for me it shows #strength like a an Amazonian would rock it 

#metal adorned #curves

For the inner #rockstar in me, leather, metal and #lace paired with tall soft boots

Textured and #artistic which lends character to this plain gray dress a la #Starwars #futuristic 

Ah my total Boheme style, I wear my belts on the waist a lot with my long flowy dresses and vintage leather #jacket.

Like a modern #geisha this one's worn snug on the waist #obi style

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