Life imitates art: How grease thieves are channeling 'The Simpsons' in Chicago

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You probably never think about your used cooking oil, and why would you? Unless you're a restaurant owner, you're probably more concerned about how healthy the oil you're using is than about what happens to it after you're done cooking.

We're here to tell you that commercial amounts of used cooking oil (the kind that you might see in a big collection vat at the back of the restaurant for a commercial hauler to cart away) are actually big business. Enter grease thieves.

In a scene straight out of that memorable episode of The Simpsons48yellow gold49

Amazingly, it can command prices as high as $4 per gallon. Perhaps that's why thieves are willing to risk it--even though getting caught can mean you're charged with felony theft.

If you thought life in Chicago was all hot dogs and deep dish in the murder capital of the country, this will make you think twice about Chicago crime syndicates.

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