Locker Room Celebrations

Locker Room Celebrations

Topaz ? 3 years ago

By now we should all know that Ronaldo is always more than willing to take his shirt off for the camera, or really anyone paying him attention for that matter. After RealMadrid beat their LaLiga rivals Barcelona in ElClasico, Los Blancos posed for a celebratory locker room pic. Totally normal in modern Football, until you glance over at Cristiano Ronaldo to realize he is nearly naked already. The strangest part of this being that the majority of the team is still in their uniforms, some with cleats and shin guards still in place. Does Ronaldo sprint to the locker room and immediately strip after every match, or did the sight of the photo-op force his clothes from his body? I'm going to bet the latter.

The best part of this is how other teams have taken to mocking the photo, or Ronaldo to be more specific. Check out the Ajax Women's squad who re-enacted the moment with the help of a certain fruit as a prop.

Even Valencia are getting in on the fun, although some speculate the team is not poking fun at Real and Ronaldo, defender Aymen Abdennour's pose sure doesn't help that argument

To be entirely fair, Ronaldo does own a mens underwear company called CR7 Underwear. Mockable or not, this photo is no doubt creating publicity and interest for both the player and his product. The designs aren't all that bad either, give his latest collection a browse below--

Cristiano modelling his underwear line--

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