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If you're looking to stream Arthur on demand, soon the only place you'll need to look at Amazon Prime.

Arthur is just one of the 19 PBS Kids series--new and old--to become part of Amazon's new exclusive deal with PBS. Under this deal, first-runs of new episodes will still happen on PBS, but the episodes will then move to Amazon at an undisclosed future time for repeated viewing. 

This means that shows including Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Reading Rainbow, Caillou, Odd Squad, and Zoboomafoo will no longer be found on streaming video rivals Netflix and Hulu.

It's worth noting that while this deal is pretty big, it doesn't cover EVERY PBS Kids series. Super Why! will still stay on Netflix, and Sesame Street is still deeply dependent  with HBO. Curious George is a Hulu exclusive, and Thomas and Friends can still be streamed across Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. 

PBS is also still busy creating a free 24-hour channel that will only show children's programming, but it won't be ready until sometime in early 2017. 

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