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We must continue praying for Michael, a champion like no other. The 7 time F1 World Champion suffered a terrible head injury in 2013 while skiing with his family in France. Whether a fan of his or not, we must never forget just how fantastic he was on the track and how humble and kind he was off it. I'm a huge fan of Schumi, he made me like Formula 1 again after the death of my hero Ayrton Senna in 1994. Keep fighting Michael ??

Full concentration

His time at Ferrari was unforgettable. 5 consecutive world championships between 2000 and 2004!

One of his many crashes looking for the limit. He always found it...sometimes he overcooked it!

Born: 3rd January 1969 in Hurth-Hermulheim, Germany World Champion 7 Times over 19 seasons 306 starts, 91 wins, 68 pole positions

l'Italia è il mondo intero ti sta pensando! Forza Michael, sarai sempre un grande.

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