Millionairess Michelle Phan, down the new-agey rabbit hole?

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Sultry M Phan was arguably the first ever Youtube star, before Youtube stars were even a thing. Her literal rags-to-riches story exploded the social media + entrepreneuress + makeup empire scene a few years back. 

Whatever happened to her since? 

Well, now that Michelle is rich from running Ipsy (that popular beauty box) and Em Cosmetics, she's been...reading. A lot.

And she's not keeping any of this a secret. Michelle's latest obsession is all-things sacred geometry and all its beauty and healing powers.

@hmnalns is my aesthetic ? ? Kaleidescope glasses from @h0les_eyewear

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Apparently, pyramids are a big thing with sacred geometry. Being inside a pyramidic structure can SUPERCHARGE your inner powers. 

Even her insta profile pic features a selfie with the Sphinx of Egypt.

vibe : ? #orgonepyramid

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This is the woman who coolly shared that she dropped $15K on some Kickstarter dude trying to raise money to research sacred geometry and bring awareness into the world. In that same interview, she said she still hadn't really heard back from geometry boy though..

The Magician ✧ #tarot

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M's dedication to sacred geometry knows no bounds. Not even her company's logo is spared. This new design is definitely geometrical. (Except, er, that straight line down the middle of the top square there kinda messes up the symmetry a little...) 

Need a makeup selfie look inspired by your aura photograph? Look no further ?

The beauty mogul may be neck-deep in universe juice, but she still takes time to hang out with Michelle Obama. 

We still heart you, Michelle! Even when you do rich-ppl things we might never understand!

Because underneath that is that same non-human level of determination and grit that got you so successful to begin with, anyways. #jelly

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