Models 'walking on water' at Fendi couture show

Models 'walking on water' at Fendi couture show

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It was one of the prettiest runway shows ever seen! For its exclusive 90th anniversary, Fendi organised a spectacular couture show staged at the Trevi Fountain - one of the most enduring landmarks in Rome.

The clear glass platform was placed in front of the Trevi fountain that made it look as if models were walking on water. 

... And they lived happily ever after. ? #Fendi90Years #LegendsandFairytales

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It is more that one way the fashion house can be associated with the landmark that has always been the symbol style. Last year Fendi donated $4 million to repair and update the fountain. This set a trend and other Italian fashion houses sponsored the renovation of beloved monuments in Rome: Bulgari paid for the Spanish Steps and Tod's for the Colosseum.

The theme of the collection was 74Legends and Fairy Tales75 It was inspired by Danish fairytale illustrator Kay Nielsen, famous for painting the books of Hans Christian Andersen in 1924 and working with Disney.

Famous models, including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, glide over a glass runway in long, breezy dresses, many of which were topped with furs.



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