MONICA MCCLURE is a writer and performer based in New York. She is the author of Tender Data (Birds LLC, 2015) and chapbooks Mala (Poor Claudia, 2014) and Mood Swing (Snacks Press, 2013). Her poetry and critical writing can be found in Tin House, The Claudius App, Jubilat, Lambda Literary Review Spotlight Series, Emily Books, The Hairpin, The Huffington Post, The Awl, Spork Press, The Los Angeles Review, Intercourse Magazine, The Lit Review, and CultureStrike / The Margins. In 2014, she was chosen by Dorothea Lasky as the Summer Literary Seminar contest winner for Poetry. She has performed at Cage Gallery, Pioneer Works, Dixon Place Theatre, The Silent Barn, and &Now 2015.

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