Movies Directed By Womyn Roundup: #1

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One of the best ways to support womyn in film is to watch movies that they've directed. This list highlights some of our favorites, from horror to musicals. Cheers to many more!

Penelope Spheeris: Wayne's World (1992)

Yes, one of the goofiest films in cinema history, Wayne's World, 37Bohemian Rhapsody38

Mary Harron: American Psycho (2000)

This film, busting at the balls with machismo, was directed by a woman. Yet really, it only makes sense. American Psycho takes a huge stab-- ha-- at the fragile male ego, and all of the things that men do to pump up their self-confidence. And that includes making subtly different business cards.

Lake Bell: In A World... (2013)

93in a world?94

Bell also shines as an actress in this film, as the supremely awkward yet talented voiceover artist who just might be able to change the industry for good.

Penny Marshall: Big (1988)

Marshall has mastered telling a story from the male point of view. (Hey, guys do this for women all the time, so why can't we reverse it?) Plus, she did what we previously thought was impossible– she made giant floor keyboards even more fun. 

Phyllida Lloyd: Mamma Mia! (2008)

We can't thank Phyllida enough for bringing one of our favorite musicals to life, and so expertly. We'd be heart broken if the film version of Mamma Mia! wasn't up to snuff. But it goes... far beyond snuff? Time to dance!

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