Must See: Huangshan National Park

Must See: Huangshan National Park

Topaz ? 3 years ago

Known for its towering pines, breathtaking #sunrises, abundant #hotsprings, winter snow-capped peaks, enchanting fog mists, and views of clouds grazing the mountain face, Huangshan National Park in #China is a dream destination for the adventurous.

Look down from the mountaintops to find Sea of Clouds, or otherwise known as 68North Sea69South Seabecause the vista of clouds resembles an #ocean.

The mountains at Huang Shan have been a frequent subject in #literature and #art since the Tang Dynasty around the 8th century. Legends of #immortality elixir at the top of Huang Shan attracted attention from peasants to #artists to #royalty alike. 

Today it continues to attract #adventurers from all over.

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