My Silicon Valley experience; Is it for everyone?

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After reading the article on LinkedIn “What´s eating Silicon Valley? By Andrew Yang I noticed how much it hit close to home with my own experiences. His perspective is very much in key of what I experienced back then and still occurring in the Valley right now.

For many, Silicon Valley has an image of greatness and a sense of wealth. The best technologies in the world were and are created there. However, it is its own little big bubble. Where youth with aggressive intelligent ambition is very much accepted, networking is very important yet there is a big lack of “social skills” for the most part.

23Culture Shock24

As a city, San Jose- Now headquarters to Silicon Valley has evolved in to a major city. Due to the wealth of the 80, 90 and mostly 2000, I was able to see the evolution and transition of the city. Culturally is still growing, because as Andrew Yang said, there is not much diversity. There might be people from all over the world, yet they all think and act in a very much same pattern. (As Lawyers think one way, Doctors think 3D, Engineers have their ways as well). Granted, I am talking about my own experiences. I hopped on a plane from Manhattan and into San Jose. I came from a place that you went to the most chic places on any given night, to the park the next day, the museum the next and then eating in restaurants with well renowned chefs. All of the places were of extreme calibers. As you age and depending on your exposure you intellect grows in different ways.

One unique characteristic of Silicon Valley is the diversity of ethic backgrounds. In some cultures, education is considered and regarded in a higher level than social and financial standards. Hence, creating an aggressive competitiveness academically among students. Ironically, sometimes the pressure of this was coming from the parents. I am not demeaning some schools, but in some institutions, it was the student´s academic competitiveness that made the school better not the teachers that taught. Some schools were notorious for having several students acquire a perfect SAT score.Now, to the most important aspect of Silicon Valley is the work force. Self-starters who have evolve their business into large corporations in a shorter period of time than most. Where youth does not necessarily means inexperience. Aggressive assertiveness is done in a subtle way. Finally, owning your own business is key and common.

Since then, I have moved to even a bigger city with a lot of cultural diversity. My children have moved out as well. However, we all cherish our experience there and what we have learned. Experiences make us the person we are now and dictate what we will be in the future.

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