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9NorCal10SoCal11 below). We say in NorCal that they take all of our water and natural resources.  I guess they say in SoCal that we take their culture, except Hollywood culture is proliferated worldwide.  It's the undisputed seat of globalized media. And it's kind of fun, too.

First things first.  I had to find one of those Hollywood stars- no not the latte-sipping type- the stars embedded into the sidewalk bearing the names of great figures of film, music, and T.V. history.  It didn't take long:

Turns out, these stars are everywhere!  I only recognized a few names- a bit before my time- but it felt nostalgic to be walking on the lanes of movie history.  There were even a number of stars with no names at all.  I imagined that mine might go in one. This is definitely the place to fantasize- so no harm done.

The night was falling and a friend- a local guitarist- invited me to see him perform at- I kid you not- the Getty!  The Getty is this incredible museum on the outskirts of the city that a wealthy magnate donated to the Golden State.  It houses incredible collections of art, but I still haven't been inside.  I was there to see my friend perform with a crew of talented jamming musicians.  I danced my butt off in the warm humidity of the falling sun.  Check out some shots of the museum's expansive courtyards:

After the sun sets, the Getty really shines.

Watching an old buddy jamming on stage is just too much!

125PROJECT126art project.  Turns out to be a reference to public housing projects.  I unwittingly paid my way into a strictly hip-hop establishment.  I could have turned around at that moment, but I decided to get a couple of drinks and give it a shot. You see, while I grew up like most other Californians on hip-hop and while many of my beats are greatly influenced by rap instrumentals, I just don't listen to it much these days. I find the lyrics usually to be annoying or even offensive, so I generally listen to instrumental music, like EDM or classical.  It didn't take me long however to notice that the sound system in PROJECT is amazing (see below).  I wasn't paying attention to the lyrics at all.  The bass sounded too good!  Also, hip-hop clubs are some of the only clubs where people actually dance... eh' hem... together.  So I decided to go out on a limb and have a great time in a music club that I typically would not enter.  

Regardless of the lyrics of popular hip-hop, it is ultimately mixed and mastered in some of the worlds top recording studios by expert sound engineers. That's why the bass and every other part of the music sounds so good. Even if the original composer did not know too much about mixing audio- the folks at the multi-national media company do.  I also have to point out that dance clubs are great places to hear music.  Rarely have I been to a dance club and they've had a bad sound system.  Some are even great quality, like PROJECT.


But, mostly, in SoCal, I was doing a lot of this:

Might be a bit of a drive from San Francisco... but I'll be heading back down soon!

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