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When we first moved to Fayetteville, I'm not sure what I expected.  I grew up in a military town, so I guess I assumed that Fayetteville would be a lot like Clarksville.  I started working almost immediately in the Real Estate industry, and so got to know the city quite well.  It was apparent pretty quickly that Fayetteville was definitely it's own place.  I remember thinking that a way to get to know my new home was to read the paper every day.  The Fayetteville Observer became a part of my daily routine.  One of the columnists stood out to me...very opinionated, always willing to say what he felt and not necessarily what was popular.  Sometimes my opinion aligned with his, often times it did not.

That columnist was Myron B. Pitts, and 8 years later, even though I don't read the Fayetteville Observer religiously, I can easily say that he is still one of my favorite columnists.  When I began to spend time downtown, I realized that Myron was also a staple in #downtownfaync.28the chug-a-chug and toots have provided background noise for everything from the N.C. Symphony to pop star Avril Lavigne.29He's lived downtown for years, so when he needs to escape without escaping, Linear Park is his go to. The park has a trail that goes through the Cross Creek cemetery and has bridges that wooded areas that help you forget that you're in the middle of a bustling city.  Funny enough, when I asked my friend Ashley, the owner of Pressed, what she does to separate home life from work life, Linear Park was her answer as well.

Myron is a Fayetteville Native, married with two children.  Raising kids in the city, he values the importance of his kids seeing a slower pace of day to day life, so he enjoys taking them out to Gillis Hill Farm (Oh, the ICE CREAM.  I'd use the kids as an excuse too!).

It's always nostalgic to see Mr. Pitts around town.  It brings me back to my days of getting to know the city that has become my home away from Nashville.  It reminds me of how much my family has grown and changed.  Because of him, I got to know Fayetteville and appreciate that the good outweighs the bad and there is lots of beauty here.Thank you for helping me fall in love with the place, through your words, Myron.

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