Nadal is #Clean & Always has been

He told you. Again and again. Politely. Now he's pissed.

24politely pissed25

Back in March, #Nadal faced the resurgence of the insinuations of #doping against him due to #MariaSharapova's admission of taking #meldonium. In particular, #Rafa complained about the French officials making unfounded accusations and threatened to sue them. After all with no evidence of a failed test, they were throwing shade on his reputation! Not cool.

Furthermore, to close the subject once and for all (since it looks like he's not going to get any peace on it!) he's asked the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to make all of his past tests public and all of his future tests as well so there's total transparency. #Smooth

Now #STFU everyone until you see something real.

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