Nadal is on Extended Injury Treatment Plan

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Goodbye #Wimbledon2016! So long, lovely green #grass #tenniscourt #season! #Rafa will miss you this year! 

Instead of racing and sliding like he's on green clay, Rafa will be undergoing an intensive anti-inflammatory rehabilitation and physiotherapy-based treatment.

#Nadal informs his fans, after he makes the heartbreaking decision to NOT play at #Wimbledon this year.

In an interview with, a German publication (and excerpted & translated below courtesy of at this link:, #RogerFederer spoke about Rafa Nadal, and how he believes so much in his abilities to continue to succeed in tennis:

 'I am a big fan of him (Rafa) simply because he has been the biggest and complicated opponent I ever had. So I have maximum respect for him. I am the last person to think that he could not win anything anymore. I know how good he is.'

Rafa's personal physician, Angèl Ruiz Cotorro, said he believes that Rafa will be ready to compete in the #Olympics in #Rio. We shall see. Rafa's injury seems serious, and impacts other parts of his anatomy -- you do know how many bones there are in the hand and wrist, right? -- so with a couple of months rest, and whatever therapy they are using, we certainly hope it's enough!

Rafa fully intends to carry Spain's flag during the Opening Ceremonies, and wouldn't that be  a sight?


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