New Edition Story is BET's greatest production of all time

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The long awaited “New Edition Story” debuted to much fanfare! BET says this series was 10 years in the making and it's biggest budgeted production ever, and it really shows!

We’re collecting the best reactions across news, social media ad opinion pieces as the 3 part mini-series airs. Be sure to check back once Part II and III are released! To orient yourself, watch the extended trailer:

After watching Part I, we must say BRAVO, BET! This series is officially going into the vault of must have black movies.  

This was all of us, really.

A day ahead of the series premiere, New Edition got their well deserved star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Thank you ! God bless you all Mike Biv

A photo posted by Mike Bivins aka Sporty (@617mikebiv) on

To get an extensive insider’s scoop visit the New Edition Story page on Impressive compiling of info!

Be sure to follow the real-life members of New Edition, along with the cast on Social Media!

Michael Bivins:

Ricky Bell:

Bobby Brown: 

Ronnie DeVoe:

Ralph Tresvant (although it appears he doesn't tweet much, but does retweet every now and then).

BET has its own account specifically for the New Edition Story:

The best hashtags to use during Live Tweeting and to follow fan reactions: #NewEditionBET #CanUStandTheTea #NE4Lifers

Bobby Brown was quoted as saying that the young man who played him “Did a better job of playing me that I could play me!” After watching Part I, it’s completely true!

Get a rundown of cast members here, because these boys did a HELL of a job!

Part 1:

In case you missed it, watch here:

News and Fan Reactions:

Shout out to Donnie Wahlberg!  We could always see the influence of NE on NKOTB!

Favorite Moment: Collectively, everyone agrees that the young boys that played NE in the early years were excellent!  And the way that BET transitioned from the younger actors to the adults was epic!

This compilation of hilarious reactions from Black Twitter is spot on!

Our favorite word smith Awesomely Luvvie came through with the Part 1 Recap, all in the form of questions ???????

This Twitter pretty much sums it all up!  We'll be parked on our couches for the next two nights to watch!  Check back here for more reactions and thoughts on the rest of the series as it airs!


Part Two of the New Edition Story gave us the background of the group from their New Edition Album (1984, Mr. Telephone Man + Cool It Now) through Heart Break (1988, Can You Stand the Rain + If It Isn't Love)??

So much happened in those few years!  I knew I couldn't have been the only person with lots of questions.

A few things were apparent: Bobby Brown is his own worst enemy. He and Mike seemingly had the most amount of physical fights- behind closed doors and on stage, they didn't care.

448King of R&B449

We also see Ralph start to consider going solo and Johnny Gill being brought in. So. MANY. SHADY. THINGS!  If you didnt' catch the entire episode, you can watch it in full here: 

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