Pokemon GO cheaters get banned

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You knew this was coming.

Remember when you were a kid, and your parents gave you ample warning before doing something extreme, like grounding you for two weeks and taking away your TV privileges?

Niantic was like our parents, warning us all that it frowned on cheaters a couple weeks ago.

When Pokevision68Nearby69. That feature originally helped avid Pokemon hunters track Pokemon. The system was flawed, but it turns out many fans preferred a broken system to no system at all. 

While some fans debate whether using systems like that is actually cheating, no one disagrees with the idea that GPS spoofing (to catch out-of-region monsters without physically being there) is cheating. Some of those cheaters were even flagrantly posting videos of their handiwork on Twitch, and it's that kind of activity Niantic is cracking down on. 

Niantic released this statement on their blog:

Here's a link to their site, where you can report an incorrectly banned account:

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