Nob with a K aka pretty hardware

Nob with a K aka pretty hardware

Topaz ? 3 years ago

#Natural elements in my environment bring me joy. Style is key even in simple things such as #hardware.  They add #elegance to any room including the kitchen. Knobs that incorporate natural #stone and perhaps a little bit of #shine catch my eye. Here are some of the ones I picked out recently for potential clients. 

A vintage-style brass knob inlaid with shimmering mother-of-pearl evokes the expertise of Art Deco masters from Anthropologie House & Home. #motherofpearl 

Another Anthro find, with stone and copper this time. This could even be a 'stone' in a cocktail ring I would wear with that flapper-inspired dress. 

Shades of #indigo #natural #mineral #rock #raw 

#faceted black glass knobs 

Oh yes they are all #cool and can add #oomph to any drawer!

glass #old school yet elegant

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