NY, SF, & LA all hit with power outages. A coincidence?

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Call us conspiracy theorists, but the mainstream media hasn't been hopping on this story!

Note the BIG RED circles on the Pacific Gas & Electric power outage map below.

Subway trains in and around New York City at the 7th Avenue and 53rd Street subway station lost power during the morning commute. That left passengers stacked in subway cars underground in tunnels for hours...

Now watch and listen to the crowd at this subway platform..imagine how long they were packed in there too.

Meanwhile, across the country in Northern California, San Francisco experienced its own massive gridlock as the Financial District (among many other areas) went dark during the morning commute. Traffic above and below ground stalled.

Above photo courtesy of @NBCBayArea

142Day the Earth Stood Still143

So do two major outages on opposite coasts on the same day during commute time seem fishy to you? And, with no MSM coverage?

What if we throw in Los Angeles, Southern California?

Actually, several areas of LA reported power outages, but the main problem appeared to be affecting the international airport, known as LAX.

This guy's obviously a frequent flyer, so he's aware of the testiness of the equipment they have there...

But to hear that there is NO SECURITY WORKING...at an INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT...and the mainstream media is not tweeting about it, seems strange, no?

Perhaps no one expects much from LA?

Or perhaps they believe everything they're told.

And then there are THESE GUYS, who say everything with so much certainty.

And so the conspiracy theories start...

1. Financial security and potential cyber attack...

2. A bit of revenge backlash from certain areas of the country; however, each city is listed as a Sanctuary City and nationwide, our infrastructure needs a lot of attention.

3. Perhaps we can just blame this guy!

4. We aren't buying this one though.

5. And we sure aren't putting money down on this one. We think.

But this sentiment really says it all, regardless of the reason why the lights went out. Right?

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