Olympic level Tinder, what's that like?

Olympic level Tinder, what's that like?

What happens when you gather the world's best athletes 20Olympic village21 Lots and lots of action!

While wild orgies are not officially on the menu for the games, stories of Olympian hot tub sex parties and rooftop swinging are no secret -- the athletes train hard on the field, play hard in the sheets.

And apparently #Tinder has a lot to do with it. 

US Snowboarder Jamie Anderson not only took home the gold last Olympics (in Sochi), she Tinder-ed throughout the Olympics as well, calling the overall Tinder quality 102next level.103 In fact, her fellow Olympians were so hot and distracting that she had to later delete her account in order to focus -- which ultimately paid off in gold!

Sexytimes during the Olympics are so common and not-secret that the organizer distributes official condoms (wrapped in green this year) to all athletes -- and #Rio2016 will set the record for most condoms distributed during the Olympics with their provision of 450,000 condoms.

That adds up to roughly 42 condoms per athlete, or 2 per day!

USA Today reports that the condoms are dispensed from a retro-looking manual machine. (Yes--you can be the world's best athlete and you have to crank a machine for your condoms!) 

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(photo credit: Noma Bar)

At least our #Rio athletes are doing what they can to combat #Zika?

Tinder has also reported seeing a 50% increase in downloads and usage in Brazil, making Brazil the third-largest user base for Tinder, right after US and the UK.

#Grindr of course gets some action too!

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