On Li Galli; your own private Amalfi island

On Li Galli; your own private Amalfi island

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For centuries, intrepid souls—from Rudolf Nureyev, who once owned it, to 17th-century pirates—have lived there. Now the seven-suite paradise is open to everyone...for a price.

Call it what you want - Li Galli, which means The Cocks in Italian, or The Sirenusas - alluding to the Sirens - famous for luring Ulysses and his men into the sea and even Dolphin Island, which makes complete sense when you take an aerial view look of the largest island in the small archipelago in front of the Amalfi coast town of Positano. With all it's storied history, the three small islands are now best known as a luxurious, private and very pricey getaway for jetsetters. 

Once owned by the dancer Rudolph Nureyev who in turn bought them from the estate of the dancer/choreographer Leonide Massine, the beautiful remote set of rocks in front of Positano was supposed to eventually house his ballet school. 

Inspiring journey to the magic island... #ligalli #positano #italy #dianavishneva

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Dream: I am sitting once again on the tiled terrace just below the main house, eating lunch with friends and lovers, overlooking the ancient stone steps going down to the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean sea. 

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