One trait is shared among all the military branches

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There is one trait which is shared among 
all military branches and one that has withstood the test of time – “hurry up and wait.”  

 Ask any 
new #servicemember or #veteran alike and they will know exactly what this means. There are 
plenty of examples where anyone can observe this in action and no one is exempt from becoming
 consumed by its #curse. 


Some of the most typical occurrences of where you’ll find the “hurry up and wait” in affect include the #daily formation.  A formation is an #assembly of all unit service members at any given place and time where you’ll see them in neat and orderly rows and columns like toy soldiers standing tall at attention. A unit may be a company, #squadron, #platoon, or a flight depending on which service you’re referring to and the size and number of service members involved. Typically, everyone is loosely formed and waiting for some signs of #leadership to show so that they can be reassured that a formal formation is about to occur and for everyone to be ready to snap to attention at a moment’s notice – unfortunately, the #wait game is anyone’s guess and can seem like an eternity.  

Other examples usually involve the service member who is eagerly anticipating getting a #promotion and consequently, a pay raise. In addition, “hurry up and wait” commonly applies to #sick call, a place to report to usually in the morning if you’re sick and in need of #medical care.  

The delays continue at the commissary, Base or Post Exchange, at the rifle range before qualifications, and during #deployment drills when the unit is expected to deploy to some distant location or #warzone and you must quickly board and deplane an aircraft then sit and wait for hours before knowing what the next step is in the chaos of confusion – this goes on and on with boarding and deplaning like human ping pong balls in a game of indecisive leadership. 

Usually, when not deployed and when the service members are in #garrison meaning that they are located on base, working and living in their #barracks rooms, they may be expected to clean the rooms along with their roommates before being granted any #privileges such as a long weekend off or leave to go back home or for any other important event. If the soldier, for example, does not have a clean room or fails inspection of his or her room for whatever reason, they can be reassured that they will correct the deficiencies before being permitted to leave. 

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