Open your eyes! You're a PM!

Most people do not have much of an understanding of what it is Product Managers do, or how they do it. Hell, I don’t even know if most PMs themselves would be able to articulate it very well. Nonetheless, you are a Product Manager and you don't even know it. 

I’ve been reflecting about what it is exactly I’d want to impart to new Product Managers that are just starting out and i'm hoping by the end of this story each one of you will have a better sense of what Product Managers do and how Storia can be a vital tool that helps outline your brands story, concisely and collaboratively. 

The role of a PM is, necessarily, murky. It changes wildly from product to product, company to company, and even within a company from team to team, and even on a particular team from day to day. It is perhaps the job where the epithet “wears many hats” is most apt. In many respects it is more dark art than science. More improv than script. More struggling-to-stay-afloat than confidently-surfing-a-wave. Anyway, to all young padawan PMs out there, listen up: to be a kick ass Product Manager on a large and fast-moving team you cannot be just one thing. You need to be ALL the things.

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